29 July 2015

Windows 10 arrived !

Besides Microsoft has decided to skip a version number (we move from W8 to W10), ¿what's new from this computing giant?

Windows 10 arrived !
Those who have spent some time in this world, we see appear new versions each time quicker, or ¿may are we getting old? Microsoft has decided to step once again in the attempt to gain the in the operating systems world with the release of Windows 10.

Once and for all they retired to Internet Explorer (it was its time ...) and they bring the new Edge browser. IE had definitely lost the battle against Firefox first and then against Chrome; and largely because of its claim to dominate the evolution of HTML / Javascript / CSS environment and lack of compliance with the W3C. However, in the current version MS Edge 20.10240 we have already found some display differences compared with other browsers, including IE11, to which we must pay attention.

According to tradition, one of every two Microsoft O.S. are good, the other not. W98, WXP and W7 systems were undoubtedly good, (but W8.1 it was too ...). We hope W10 follows with this tradition and it  does not confirm what sometimes we fear, that W8.1 should have called W9 ...

On the other hand, W10 consolidates the image of "Tiles" that we knew of W8 and WindowsPhone. I must admit that once you get used to it you feel comfortable, but W8 needed to resolve the inconsistency between the traditional desktop, perhaps classic but undoubtedly more productive than those full-screen applications. At the end, ¿why do I need a calculator on a PC at full screen?

Obviously pretend that serve the same system for all kinds of devices is an ambitious objective; not to mention being "adaptable" to the size of the screen it also is , but I recognize that this environment is useless on a PC, where you only see giant buttons on your 24 inches screen.

And about Cortana, we will talk another day.


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